Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the press conference ahead of the game against Rayo Vallecano. Covering a wide range of questions, he talked about Luka Modric, Arda Guler and a lot more. He was also asked about, obviously, the potential signing of Kylian Mbappe next summer, but in classic Ancelotti style, he virtually ignored the question. When asked about Modric, he said: “I have discussed this topic many times with you and with him. Enough. Obviously for someone used to playing almost every game, it’s hard. But his behavior is professional, serious, training, fighting. He Continues contributing and being an example of what a professional should be. And he is a reference for the youngsters.”

Ancelotti on Rodrygo’s work rate

“The defensive work of the forwards must be highly valued. The one who has the most quality is the one who runs the least, but that’s not the case with Rodrygo. I’ve always said it. He is key.”

Ancelotti on whether Tchouaméni will continue playing at centre-back

“When Rüdiger and Militao return, his role will not be that. We signed him to be a pivot, where he is playing well, although of course he is getting used to the central defender role. And he has proven he can do it well.”

Ancelotti on Mbappe

“I see and listen. I understand that it is the topic of the day for you, but for us it is tomorrow’s game. We’ll have to do it right, that’s what I think.”

Ancelotti on tomorrow’s game

“Vallecano is always complicated. The game will be tough, against an opponent who has changed coaches, has extra motivation and needs points. He will have to bring out our best level. It is a key moment of the season.”

Ancelotti on players giving team talks before the games

“It is not obligatory, but we suggest that the players speak before each game. Happens. And each game we choose one to give the talk before playing. It is a custom that we have adopted this season and that is good, having a minute before to encourage your teammates.”

Ancelotti on Güler not starting

“Obviously he can play from the beginning, because he is fine, with a good level. What he should do is fight, compete with his teammates, nothing more. The word is ‘patience’, I already said it.”

Ancelotti on whether he thinks Modric will renew

“The club’s policy is to renew these players year after year. And I don’t know more. I spoke with him a month ago and he seemed fine. It will be his decision.”

Ancelotti on whether he is concerned about the locker room with regards to questions about Mbappe

“Do you see me affected now? Concerned? No no. The next press conferences will be like this.”

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