Real Madrid beat Celta Vigo 4-0 in a relatively easy game in the fixture list that kept them seven points ahead of second-placed Girona. Coach Carlo Ancelotti took to the presser, where he praised performances of some of the players, including legendary midfielder Luka Modric. He said: “I think he deserved the ovation, because he played a very complete game. Luka and Camavinga continued the game. The fans applaud him because he is very fond of them, like everyone else.”

About the performance

“The intensity has improved. It wasn’t difficult to do better than Wednesday. We took advantage of the set piece to get ahead. We are happy and fulfilled. Every match is a tricky match. We are motivated and focused.”

About the importance of the second goal

“It’s true, when the second doesn’t arrive there is concern. And this has opened the bottle. The points are very important and these are very important. As will the next game.”

About Rudiger’s quality

“He is a very serious, spectacular professional. He has moments of being serious and others where he is ironic. He has moments of great quality, others of total pessimism. He is a great player.”

Antonio is always at his best level. He is a player who has the ability to always be 100% focused. His season has been outstanding. It’s hard to say when he’s had a slump.

About Arda Guler

“He played very little, just a few minutes, but he was convinced that he could do something. That completion was not easy. He is a great talent and we see him every day, we talk to him a lot. He is showing all the quality of him. He will have a future here. Nobody thinks that he has no future here. He is a great talent.

“He is going to have, in the future, I’m not saying tomorrow, more minutes. In the goal he scored, he made a fantastic dribble and a fantastic finish. This goal is important for him, as it is for us to have a great player.”

About Vinicius’ push on Mingueza

“What we talk about with him stays between us. It is a topic that we have talked about and that we will continue to talk about. In recent times he has shown us too many cards. Some fair and some unfair. What happened in Bellingham, for example, penalizes us and is an aspect that we must improve.

“The first thing I thought was if the shirt had been torn. The referee did it well, with a yellow. If Vinicius stops this, they will not show fewer cards. It’s a little frustrating (for Vinicius), it’s normal.”

About Rodrygo’s finishing

“A little more finishing is needed. He was very important in the first half, moving around the entire field like Valverde. The only thing missing was the goal. He has done well.”

About Camavinga’s performance

“Camavinga did very well today. Today Modric has helped him in the double pivot. Against Leipzig, it cost him a little more as an interior. I know that he is more comfortable in that position, but sometimes he has to play inside.”

About Brahim’s potential decision

“I don’t know. Spain has a lot of very good players. It is not easy to make the call. I don’t know what he’s going to decide.”

About Real Madrid’s efficiency to score from corners and not concede

“The truth is that we work a lot on it. The analysts, Davide and Francesco, work a lot on this type of play. We train him well, the players are attentive… And then there is the quality of a passer like Luka Modric and a finisher like Antonio Rüdiger.”

How this team faces the most decisive part of the season

“We face it with maximum enthusiasm. We have another very complicated game before the break against a very strong opponent. We are also excited because Militao and Courtois will soon return, and we will have a more complete squad.”

About Rodri’s comments [La Liga and Premier League are very different]

“It is different. This does not mean better or worse. There are less tactics. On a tactical level, the Spanish league is much better than the English one. If we talk about intensity and rhythm, the English League may have more. But La Liga has more tactical quality.”

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