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Top of the tree in April.. La Liga should be in the bag.

A routine win against a Bilbao side clearly preoccupied with the Copa Finale was most welcome. Bilbao are usually an intense opponent for Real Madrid even though we have a good record against them. It never looks like one of the easier games on the calender.

Carlo’s men continued their March towards a record La Liga title. This is the point of the season where Carlo only cares about winning. If we have to play well to win, we will play well but if we can saunter on across the line in a snooze fest, we will take that too.

For all intents and purposes, El clasico will decide when Real Madrid win the league.

Timely Purple Patch?

Rodrygo ended his dry spell in typical fashion with a neat finish for Brazil during the international break.

Vinicius’ absence v Bilbao gave Rodrygo more space on the stage and he played talisman wonderfully well with two very smart finishes.. Again typical Rodrygo goals, nonchalant and classy. We only wish we could see it across more games and not in clumps.

That said, Rodrygo is coming good when we need that quality in attack to compete in the Champions League. It’s a great time to hit a purple patch.

Rodrygo knows he’s one of Flo’s favourites. This isn’t said often enough but Flo 2.0 has been very affectionate with all the squad players, especially the youngsters even before they achieved anything with the club. He has always given them confidence.

Belli the baller

Jude Bellingham is the everything man. Goals, assists, blocks, tackles, runs.. If you need something Jude can probably do it and do it well. His consistency is absolutely incredible. He’s had a decent break due to injury and suspension and he should be ready to bring home some silverware over the next two months.

Back to Back?

If Carlo is anxious about anything it’s Militao’s role in the Champions League semifinal. Can Militao get up to speed on time or do we plan as if he is not available to play the first leg at all.

Last season Carlo restored Militao immediately to the lineup for the horror show at the Etihad.

Endrick’s first major Remontada loading…

1-0 deficits can be stubborn but Madridistas love an opportunity to upset the apple cart. When everyone sure of the outcome.. The magic happens and transforms the entire tie, rewriting the whole narrative into an unlikely hero’s journey.

Holding thumbs for Endricki!

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