…this is a celebration of excellence…a diatribe of responsibility… excerpts of Vossi Thoughts.

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” — Muhammad Ali

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” — Stormzy

“[And still] as the sky is falling, the wind is calling. Stand for something or die in the morning. MM Hail King Juninho Lamar…The World Hail King Juninho Lamar. “ — NeRObutBlanco

Welcome to The New Era of The Daily Merengue — a place where you can feel free to discuss all things football. Do not be alarmed by the overt RMCF bias. It’s in the name!

Shoutout to the House of Mods who do a fantastic job, Valyrian Steel, KungFuZizou, NeRObutBlanco, Felipejack, and King of MM, Jesuninho, King Kunta — Juninho!!!

Real Madrid DNA

“I got loyalty, royalty inside my DNA” — Kendrick Lamar + every Madrid player

First leg CL is complete and Real Madrid remains the only Spanish side to win the first leg. Barcelona drew at Napoli and now must win a home match against a likely better prepared Napolitanos.

Return of Some Kings

“Heavy is the head that chose to wear the crown. To whom it’s given, much is required now…[but] I can’t please everybody (I can’t please everybody)” — Kendrick Lamar

Slow but steady news day. As we approach the match against Sevilla, many Vikingos are trying to rush towards fitness. Mixed reports state that Rudi may be fit for the match, but I’m earnestly doubtful. I also don’t believe he should be rushed for Sevilla. In other news, Jude looks to still be projected to return for the 2nd leg against RB Leipzig.

Wiley Flow: A Collection of Brilliant Tweets

“I said [bleep] that, you get free smoke. If I say this they, might revolt. We the Kings of Football, by default. Big ego. Mans can’t diss my amigo. Old School Bad Boy Like Figo.” — Stormzy

Letter From A King: Heavy Is The Head

Excerpts of Vossi Thoughts.

“Please, could you lower your tone? Please, could you put down the phone? And please, GFE leave BSG alone. I said, please, BSG leave the other three alone. Cause it cuts deep when you finally deep that this MM house sometimes never feels like your home. You wanna speak, but it’s best that you don’t. To NB, Val, FJ, KFZ, when under pressure, never fold. Best believe, you’re protecting MM’s throne… I had to let it be known. We eventually grow. Maybe I’m we’re just sensitive souls. Please could you pause the applause? Please, could you let me be flawed. And please, leave your pain at the door. Yeah, it’s too much in this house and I can’t bear anymore. Please, spare me a fall. Please, Lord, give me the strength. Heavy is the Head on the throne. Probably time to let it all go. (sigh) Please” — Juninho

These are celebrations of excellence.

To Be Continued…?








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