“I’m just on some [blank] ish, that [blank] stuff…I really don’t care about none of that MM superstardom ish…that’s on God” — Juninho

“This MM game was meant for a select number of fews, a select few…and that’s what it is today. We professionals, son, we professionals at what we do, cut it. Ain’t nothing changed. Always remember that. You see Juni still here doing it. Ain’t nothing changed. (Bleep) all these nonbelievers man.” — KungFuZiziou

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Shoutout to the Mods who do a fantastic job, Valyrian Steel, KungFuZizou, NeRObutBlanco, Felipejack, and Juninho (the “GOAT”)


“If Rodrygo + Juni, don’t trust you I’m goin’ premod you” — Valyrian Steel

Put. Respect. On. Rodrygo’s. Bleeping. Name. Period.

I keep hearing chatter about how Rodrygo should be sold or benched or is replaceable. So let’s dive into a few facts because I don’t have time nor patience.

Fact #1: According to Fbref, Rodrygo is in the 85+ Percentile as a forward in Assists, Shot Creating Actions, Pass Completion, Progressive Passes, Progressive Carries, Successful Take-Ons, Progressive Passes Rec, and Interceptions (!!). Rodrygo is is in the 90+ Percentile in the above listed stats besides Assists.

Fact #2: According to Fbref, Rodrygo is in the 85+ Percentile as a AM/Winger in Non-Penalty Goals, Non-Penalty xG, Non-Penalty xG + Non-Penalty xA, Pass Completion, and Touches in Penalty Area. Note he’s only the 82 Percentile in Successful Take-Ons and the 84th Percentile in Progressive Carries.

Fact #3: Brahim (who Fbref only lists as an AM / Winger) only beats Rodrygo at Assists, xAG, Shot Creating Actions, Progressive Passes, and Tackles. In all of these stats, Brahim and Rodrygo rank in less than the 85+ Percentile.

Fact #4: Brahim (who Fbref again only lists as an AM / Winger) only beats Leroy Sane (also listed as an AM / Winger) at non-Penalty Goals Total and Passes Completed %.


Should Real Madrid Sign Leroy Sane?

Yes — Rodrygo needs to improve. Yes — Rodrygo’s entourage needs to speak more eloquently. But Rodrygo is at worst the 4th most talented player at RM and more realistically the 3rd. Good luck to the football world if next year is a frontline of Vini – Mbappe – Rodrygo.

Seen It All

No words necessary…


“Everything was studded, we so star studded…Diamonds all over me. Drip all over me. You can’t roll with me”

MM told me that Mbappe is going to ruin our locker room. Laporta told me that Mbappe will ruin our harmony and our financial structure. PSG told me that he’ll be bigger than the club.

Real Madrid laughed.

Family Forever. Slimed In. 4L

“Came from nothing, you can’t feel what I’m saying”

A beautiful letter from Real Madrid’s next Brazilian Golden Boy to his brother. Endrick. Future Icon.

Dear Endrick — Whatever happens…you’ve already won.

Final Thoughts

“Big as a Beatle…Got More Stripes Than Adidas.”







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