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What a comeback

Again, it was not easy, despite Barcelona many injuries. Real Madrid put a bad performance in the first half. Alaba, again, below the standard. Look below Kiyan analysis:

2nd Half was indeed better:

Ancelotti: 7th Clásico victory

Ancelotti has now surpassed Zidane in the number of El Clásico victories. Only Miguel Muñoz, with 16 victories, is ahead of the Italian now. More about it in the 3 stats article.

More game stats

It’s clear from Real Madrid passing network: the system looks much more like a 4-2-2-2. Again, Rodrygo very isolated in the right. For that kind of role, Joselu would probably do better, especially with Rodrygo’s current form, don’t you think? It would have been nice to see the passing network from the second-half.

Amazing, Lukita, 500 games for Real Madrid.

It’s not for everyone.

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