La Liga has launched an investigation following a disturbing incident during the recent Valencia CF vs. Real Madrid match at Mestalla. A video, posted by ESPN Brazil, shows a young Valencia fan allegedly directing racist abuse at Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior. The child can be heard using a derogatory term, referring to Vinicius as a “mono” (which translates to “monkey” in English).

The Context

This incident occurred during Vinicius Junior’s first return to Mestalla since May of the previous year. Back then, he was subjected to racial abuse by home fans. Despite the challenging environment, Vinicius managed to score twice during the recent 2-2 draw, helping Los Blancos secure a point.

The Video and Its Impact

The video, widely circulated on social media, has sparked outrage and concern. It highlights the persistent issue of racism in football and society. The woman who recorded the incident confirmed that she contacted the police during the game.

Valencia’s Previous Actions and La Liga’s current response

Valencia had previously taken measures against racism. Last May, they banned three fans for racially abusing Vinicius during a match.

La Liga’s investigation aims to address this serious issue promptly. The league has a responsibility to ensure a safe and respectful environment for players, fans, and everyone involved.

As the football community rallies against racism, incidents like this serve as a stark reminder that there is still work to be done. Vinicius Junior’s courage and determination to play his best despite adversity was inspiring, but he should, in no way shape or form, have to deal with racism in this on-going battle.

Let us hope that La Liga’s investigation leads to meaningful action and reinforces the message that racism has no place in football or any other aspect of our lives.

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