Real Madrid is set to make a splash with their kits for the 2024 – 2025 season. While the classic all-white home kit remains a staple, the team is introducing two daring alternatives: orange, and….. brown.

1. The Classic White Kit

The timeless white kit, synonymous with Real Madrid, will continue to grace the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Next season, however, it features subtle updates inspired by the city of Madrid. The club’s signature white jersey now boasts additional blue accents.

2. The Vibrant Orange Kit

This will not be the first time we’ve seen Real Madrid wear orange. 10 years ago, during Real Madrid’s unforgettable La Decima season, the club also boasted orange kits as an alternate. Most famously, it was worn in the 1 – 6 win over Schalke:

3. The Unconventional Brown Kit

Prepare to witness history as Real Madrid steps onto the field in a brown kit. Yes, you read that correctly—brown! Never before has the club sported this earthy color. Adidas, known for its innovative designs, has taken a risk by introducing brown to the football world. The most recognizable team that has embraced brown shirts is the German side St. Pauli. Now, Real Madrid joins the ranks of those who dare to be different. It will certainly take some time to get used to.

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