Loss on Estadio Olímpico Lluís Companys. Real Madrid lose first clásico of the season in Barcelona, with the result of 5-0. Below are my views and thoughts on the match.

The lineup for this match was almost identical to the one in the midweek game against Chelsea. In goal stood Misa, then forming the line of defense Olga, Kathellen, Ivana and Oihane. The one change was in midfield; since Zornoza was replaced by Raso, Linda moved back to the role of #10 to play alongside Toletti and Teresa in midfield. Bruun lead the attack with Athenea and Raso on the wings.

  • The first 20 minutes or so were obvious that Barcelona might not be having a great day. They kept missing chances, mostly Parralluelo missing clear-cut chances after beating Misa and the rest of the defense. Las Blancas could barely string a few consecutive passes and it all ultimately fell to the backline to handle in which they would fail more often than not.
  • The first goal, which was scored by Aitana, came from lack of marking where everyone forgot about Bonmatí in this action.
  • Between the first and second goal they missed a lot of chances, the second goal was a rebound even after the ball hit the woodwork. In this goal there was also a severe lack of communication between Olga and Misa which gave Hansen a chance to shoot.
  • Of course, Barcelona took advantage of the mess after a corner kick where we didn’t manage to clear out the ball. Mariona took it upon herself to bring the result up to 3-0 just before halftime at 45+1’.
  • Alberto Toril made a triple change at halftime. Maite, Feller, and Zornoza replaced Raso, Bruun, and Teresa. A reasonable sub because neither of the three had a noticeable game, if not just plain bad. Linda moved up to play on the wing while Maite was also helping both wingers at times, even though Athenea was quite incognito in this game.
  • The second half was certainly more boring. In contrast to the first 45 minutes, Real Madrid didn’t even manage a single shot (they already had 3 in the first half), but there were also no goals of Barcelona. Most of the defending was done by Oihane, Ivana and then lastly Misa. These three and Toletti are, perhaps, the only players worth of a mention in this game.
  • Just when it looked like Barcelona would stop at three, the last two goals come late in the added time of 3 minutes. Thez were both by youngsters who came in shortly before their goals.
  • The first one was Pina, who made it 4-0, thanks to the defense’s confusion on who to mark.
  • In the last few seconds, Vicky López was let in by Kathellen to receive the pass from Ingrid Engen. She defeated Misa to make it the final result of 5-0.
  • It wasn’t looking well since the beginning, but even though it looked like an unlucky day for Barcelona, Alberto Toril’s team was heavily defeated.

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