Rodrygo Goes has been struggling in his first season as an undisputed starter for Real Madrid. While most fans were looking forward to the attacker getting this opportunity, Rodrygo has scored 13 goals and delivered 8 assists in 40 appearances and 2,845 minutes played, which means that he’s averaging 1 G/A per 135 minutes.

Now, The Athletic have published a report quoting the striker’s entourage. Here’s what the original report has to say.

Rodrygo’s entourage points out that he is not playing in his natural position on the left wing and that he has had to adapt to the right flank for the benefit of the team, which has been detrimental to his goalscoring.
Source: The Athletic

That seemed like a fair point in years past, when Rodrygo was indeed playing on the right flank. However, he also appeared to be very comfortable as a pure striker, even if he’s probably more suited to play alongside another attacker. However, that would require Real Madrid to build the entire team around him, sacrificing Vinicius and Bellingham’s best position in the process.

One thing seems clear. If Real Madrid sign Kylian Mbappe this summer, Rodrygo will likely return to his previous role as a reserve, even though that might actually be frustrating for him. He simply has not earned his role as an undisputed starter assuming Mbappe signs, so the attacker will have to work his way back.

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